Sustainability Reporting

Achieve stakeholder objectives with evidenced progress towards your sustainability goals

Achieving your net zero goals

n2s plays a crucial role in promoting circularity in the IT sector through innovation and partnerships. As a founding member of the Government Digital Sustainability Alliance (GDSA, formerly DEFRA), we collaborate with global industry partners to establish best practices for sustainable IT across government, academia and the technology sector.

We offer an Environmental Report at the conclusion of each project. This report includes an environmental impact dashboard with key metrics including contribution to Scope 3, percentage of material recycled and saved from landfill, and litres of water and tonnes of CO2e avoided. This enables our clients to share their contributions to sustainability and the circular economy with stakeholders and incorporate the information into their ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) reports or annual reports.

How we can help?

We understand your challenges and our expertise delivers tangible and measurable environmental benefits to help you to:

Realise decarbonisation objectives
Meet net zero targets
Support environmental, social & governance goals

Key features

Granular tracking of assets collected.

Accurate reporting on the percentage of materials recovered and recycled.

Full metrics and audit trail for assets destroyed and recycled.

Metrics to demonstrate commitment to sustainability and net zero targets.

Why n2s?

Our approach to IT lifecycle management means that we can help your business reduce the scope 3 emissions associated with upgrading or replacing technology in line with net zero targets. We provide our clients with comprehensive sustainability reports, that include auditable statistics that prove compliance and contribution to the circular economy. These can be used in annual reports to demonstrate your business’ environmental credentials to stakeholders, customers and employees.

Supporting the circular economy through innovation

Through continuous improvement and innovation, we remain dedicated to reducing our environmental impact and making a meaningful contribution to a greener, more sustainable future.

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