IT Refurbishment​, Reuse & Resale

Recover, refurbish and redeploy your equipment to support the circular economy

We recover, refurbish & redeploy

At n2s, we adhere to the European Waste Hierarchy and prioritise the reuse of devices. Whether it’s the IT equipment from a decommissioned data centre or a mobile device, we refurbish, redeploy or recycle every asset. ​

Our nationwide field engineers will collect your unwanted equipment, and our refurbishment facility in Reading revitalises and data cleanses all devices before resale. By adopting a sustainable approach to technology lifecycle management, we help your business recover the highest residual value from legacy IT while reducing carbon emissions.​

We can deal with your entire IT estate including:

  • Workplace equipment (desktop computers, laptops, mobiles, telephones, hard drives, tapes)
  • Data centre equipment (routers, switches, firewalls, storage systems, servers, application delivery controllers)
n2s at a glance

The average laptop contains around 330kg of embodied carbon.

The impact of reusing and extending the life of retired laptops can be substantial in terms of reducing carbon emissions, conserving resources, and minimising e-waste.​


Reused laptops


Tonnes of C02 avoided

4.9 Bln L

Water saved

the process:

We guarantee to assist you in maximising the value of your assets by conducting thorough site audits to estimate the residual value of your equipment. 


We’ll arrange to collect your equipment and bring it back to our facilities for processing.

Data Sanitisation

We will refurbish and redeploy IT, after a thorough data sanitisation process in line with GDPR.

Refurbish & Reuse

Once your equipment is sanitised of data, we can refurbish and return the assets back to you for reuse or remarket the devices on your behalf. 


We handle the remarketing process on your behalf, ensuring that your assets are resold at their highest possible value.

The Circular Economy

Most equipment that gets thrown away is still perfectly usable and could have a new life with another user. We stand by a sustainable and circular approach and actively promote the reuse of all equipment where possible.​​

We advocate reuse in line with the European Hierarchy of Waste Management. This means that we aim to reuse or redeploy devices first, with recycling a secondary outcome used for those items that are beyond economic repair.

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