Secure Data Cleansing, Sanitisation & Destruction

Sustainably and securely dispose of your old tech in the hands of government-certified engineers

We specialise in data disposal

n2s has a skilled team of engineers specialising in secure data disposal. Our services cover a range of on and off-site data security solutions, including data cleansing, data sanitisation and physical destruction of HDDs, SSDs and tapes.

We prioritise compliance with regulations when disposing of surplus or legacy IT equipment and are certified to handle data up to Government Secret Level. We can provide comprehensive audits to support the data security chain of custody and sustainability practices.

what we do

Data Erasure

Certified Data Sanitisation & Cleansing:
Our NCSC-approved data erasure methods ensure we can securely remove data from devices, HDD’s or SSD’s in line with government regulation and GDPR. Any equipment that ‘fails’ data sanitisation, or is beyond economic repair, can be physically shredded up to 6mm ensuring the data can never be recovered.

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Data Shredding

Onsite Destruction:
We can carry out onsite data destruction via our shredding truck which you can
witness first hand. Giving you peace of mind as you see your HDDs destroyed.

Offsite Destruction: 
Equipment removed from site is loaded into secure, tracked vehicles for secure transportation to our facilities for data sanitisation, refurbishment and reuse or destruction and recycling.

HDD, SSD & Tape Shredding: 
We can shred hard drives and tapes to 20mm, 12mm & 6mm 

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Itemised Reporting

Auditable Reports: 
Our data sanitisation and destruction processes include certificated, auditable chain-of-custody and erasure/destruction reports provided for every piece of equipment we handle. Itemised reporting can be provided down to part and serial number level. 

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Our Expertise

Our expert data destruction team are fully accredited and certified to handle data up to Government Secret level. 

Bespoke services: 
We build economic and sustainable data sanitisation and destruction processes tailored to your needs. 

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The Circular Economy

We optimise all opportunities to reuse equipment.

Using certified data erasure techniques and approved software we can remove all data from hard drives and give them a second life.​

Where reuse is not possible we undertake sustainable recycling processes. During the recycling process, we produce shredded metals and materials and stand by a zero-to-landfill ethos.

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