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Helping organisations sustainably and securely support the IT circular economy

n2s are industry leaders in sustainable IT asset management solutions – we are revolutionising how organisations dispose of end-of-life technology. We have made it our mission to redefine the lifecycle of technology and pioneer innovations to achieve circularity in the IT and telecoms sectors.

Our game-changing approach to technology lifecycle management makes n2s the only one-stop partner for organisations wanting to securely, compliantly and ethically maximise returns from decommissioned hardware, and prove their contribution to circularity.  

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Site Audits

We can conduct physical site audits to categorise and validate customer requirements irrespective of the equipment’s operational status. Leveraging our expertise, we can deploy IT asset management software which allows us to capture and record all assets connected to a network.


Data Cleansing & Destruction

n2s has a skilled team of engineers specialising in secure data disposal. Our services cover a range of on and off-site data security solutions, including data cleansing and physical destruction of HDDs, SSDs, and tapes.


IT Refurbishment

At n2s, we adhere to the European Waste Hierarchy and prioritise the reuse of devices. Whether it’s the IT equipment from a  decommissioned data centre or a mobile device, we refurbish, redeploy, or recycle every asset.


IT Recycling

For devices that cannot be reused or are beyond economic repair, we employ sustainable recycling processes. From our state-of-the-art recycling facilities, which house advanced equipment including PCB and cable granulators, we can process large quantities of IT equipment. All materials used in the production of devices are recovered and reintegrated into manufacturing streams. They find new purpose as items like traffic cones or rubber matting. We consider end-of-life technology as a valuable resource, not e-waste.


Precious & Critical Metal Recovery

E-waste contains precious materials including high-grade copper, silver, gold, platinum and palladium, which are critical to the continued production of modern technology. Sustainably mining and recycling the common metals that are found in e-waste is a huge environmental opportunity and the recovery of these elements back into the supply chain is critical on the path towards a circular economy. ​

We recognise the need for a more sustainable solution for the recovery of metals from technology, and our innovation in this field has received national recognition and multiple awards.


Sustainability Reporting

n2s plays a crucial role in promoting circularity in the IT sector through innovation and partnerships. As a founding member of the Government Digital Sustainability Alliance, we collaborate with global industry partners to establish best practices for Sustainable IT across government, academia and the technology sector. We offer an Environmental Report at the conclusion of each project.

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Championing the circular economy

n2s is at the forefront of driving circularity into the IT sector. Our current economy operates in a linear manner, where technology is difficult to reuse and recycle once it reaches the end of its useful life. This results globally in a staggering 57 million tonnes of electronic waste (e-waste) generated annually. 

A circular economy is built upon the principles of designing out waste and pollution from product lifecycles, keeping products in use for as long as possible, maximising the use of materials, and regenerating natural systems. n2s has combined innovation and industry expertise to increase circularity within our business model.

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Sustainable IT Initiatives to Consider in 2024

This article explains the concept of Sustainable IT, highlights the key emission sources and provides a narrative around the green IT initiatives that we see organisations focussing on within their internal IT operations in 2024 – many of which are easy to implement.

Supporting the circular economy through innovation

We have recognised the need for a more sustainable solution for the recovery of metals from printed circuit boards (PCBs). Our innovation in this field has been recognised with national awards including Digital Leaders, BusinessGreen and Go-Tech. 

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Industry expertise in sustainable technology lifecycle management

By partnering with n2s, you will have access to a range of sector experts who can partner with your organisation to be sustainable, secure and compliant at every stage of your technology lifecycle.

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