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Secure Data Centre Decommissioning for a Cloud Services Provider

A reputable British cloud services provider catering to the UK public sector and other highly regulated industries required an efficient and secure decommission of their entire technology estate housed within Ark Data Centres.

The data centre compromised over 3,000 servers and 25,000 hard disk drives, which contained assets classified as government secret level. The process required close collaboration with various stakeholders, including the Cabinet Office, Legal Practices and the Ministry of Defence.



hard disk drives recovered


of servers reused


saved in lease charges

Challenges & Solutions

Security Concerns

Managing assets categorised at the UK government's secret level required the highest level of security to thwart any potential data breaches or unauthorised access.

Collaborative Approach

n2s collaborated with the MoD, Cabinet Office and other key stakeholders to establish a secure and efficient decommissioning programme. On-site hard drive shredding and off-site data sanitisation were employed for the eradication of sensitive data.

Complex Inventory Management

Tracking and managing approximately 3,000 servers and 25,000 hard disk drives required a robust asset tracking and inventory system to ensure nothing was misplaced or unaccounted for.

End-to-End Tracking

n2s implemented a detailed end-to-end asset tracking to monitor the location and status of each server and hard disk drive during the decommissioning process.

Tight Timeframe

The project had to be executed within a tight timeframe, necessitating a well-organised and efficient approach to meet deadlines and avoid additional costs.

Project Management

Drawing on an extensive 20 years of experience in handling complex projects, n2s delivered supplementary project management and logistics services to ensure a timely departure from the data centre.


Cost Savings

The efficient work programme facilitated a prompt exit from Ark Data Centres, saving approximately £1.2 million in lease charges for the client.

Asset Reuse

Where possible, equipment was given a second life and reused, this supported circular economy practices and recovered maximum value for the client. n2s remarketed and reused 90% of the servers.


Prioritising security, efficiency and environmental sustainability, n2s successfully concluded the data centre decommissioning within a stringent timeframe. Their approach not only saved costs but also maximised asset value while achieving full material recovery through zero landfill practices.

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