Resale Right: Unlocking the Value From Your IT Assets

The rapidly evolving technology industry is leading to an increase in toxic electronic waste. Shockingly, valuable metals worth £7.9 billion from digital devices like laptops and smartphones end up in landfills every year.

Reselling is a sustainable solution to e-waste, saving old devices from premature disposal. However, the full benefits of reselling are uncovered when partnering with a reputable IT asset disposal firm, capable of delivering optimal value return, ensuring GDPR compliance, and providing comprehensive sustainability reporting.


Benefits of reselling

Reduce carbon emissions

Most IT equipment is sent to landfill when it could have had a new life with another user. With the average laptop containing approx. 330kg of embodied carbon, reuse could help your company reach carbon neutrality by conserving resources and minimising e-waste.

Salvage storage space

Ever wondered about those devices gathering dust in your office’s IT graveyard? Hoarding equipment after an employee has left or because of defects creates clutter. By reselling, you could free up valuable office space.

Recover value

Your IT assets have value. With resale, you can swap your devices for dollars or, for devices beyond repair [link to grading table], recover the residual value of your equipment and even fund new hardware purchases if needed (we recommend refurbished devices). 

Process of reselling

Certified IT asset disposal companies can help you get the most value out of your devices. However, it’s crucial to carefully consider the provider you choose. While many companies claim to resell or recycle your assets, a significant number of them have no regard for the environment and will see your devices end up in landfills. 

Our team at n2s conducts a thorough site audit to estimate the value of your estate. The amount you receive for your device will depend on its model and condition. For instance, a brand-new laptop that is still in its original packaging will fetch a higher price than a well-used device that has noticeable signs of wear and tear, such as scratches and dents.

Data security when reselling your device

Selling directly through consumer marketplaces can be a risky choice for organisations when it comes to complying with GDPR and data protection laws. Companies of all sizes should go through an IT asset disposal company with data-security certifications that will only refurbish and redeploy IT after thorough data sanitisation. Look out for those with: 

ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office): independent regulatory authority in the United Kingdom that oversees and enforces data protection laws. It is responsible for upholding information rights, promoting openness by public bodies and protecting personal data.

ISO 27001 (International Office for Standardisation): The International Standard for Information Security Management Systems is widely recognised as the best in the world. If a business has achieved this standard, it means they have implemented a system to manage risks related to the security of data it owns or handles.

Cyber Essentials Plus: Designed by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), this certification demonstrates a company’s commitment to cyber security.

To ensure a business is fully compliant with ISO standards, the certification must be accredited by UKAS. Recognised by the government, it is the top accreditation body in the UK. Certifications from non-UKAS accredited bodies might not guarantee complete adherence to ISO standards.

Is my tech estate suitable for resale?

Most companies that buy used devices will accept them in any condition, but whether they will actually resell them is uncertain. Our approach is to follow the European Hierarchy of Waste Management, which prioritises the repair and reuse of devices before recycling them. We only consider recycling for items that are beyond economic repair. If your device is graded D or below, it falls under the category of items that are beyond economic repair and will be recycled. You can refer to our grading chart below to understand how we categorise items. 

Grade Grade Definition Grading Criteria
New New in box The equipment is in its original manufacturer's packaging and is in very good condition. The original seal is still intact.
A Pristine Item is in perfect working condition with no missing parts. The touch screen glass is free of surface scratches and there are no blemishes on the LCD/OLED display. Minor signs of use are acceptable.
B Good The item is in perfect working condition and all parts are intact. There is some light cosmetic damage, such as scratches, marks, and general wear and tear, but this is acceptable. Only minor discoloration of plastics and/or the overall casing is allowed. Imperfections or scruffs that are 5mm or smaller in length are also acceptable, but there can be no more than 6 of them. Any security markings are removable. The touch screen glass should have no surface scratches, and the LCD/OLED display must be free of any imperfections or blemishes. Minor signs of use are acceptable.
C Functional with wear The equipment is in perfect working condition, and none of its parts are missing. However, it has heavy or severe cosmetic damage, such as major scratches, dents, and cracks. Surface scratches on the touch screen glass are allowed, as long as the touch screen is fully functional and readable. The discolouration of plastics and/or overall casing is allowed. Imperfections or scruffs that are 5mm or smaller in length are allowed, but limited to 12. The LCD/OLED display should be free of any imperfections or blemishes. Clear signs of use are accepted, as are indelible or permanent security/asset tags and markings.
D Extreme use with faults The device is deemed beyond economic repair (BER) due to both cosmetic and functional issues. It is in faulty working condition with missing parts. The touch screen glass is either chipped, cracked or shattered, and its readability is impaired. The plastics and/or overall casing show extreme discoloration, and there are significant imperfections or scruffs that are large and visible to the eye. The LCD/OLED display has white spots, missing pixels, or discoloration, which results in a halo effect and pink screen. The front glass is evidently lifting or moving when pressed, and there is a faulty speaker or microphone.
E Beyond economic repair Device issues may include: inability to turn on or hold a charge; unresponsive touch screen; damaged display; malfunctioning camera or buttons; missing casing; faulty port or jack; inability to erase data, locked account or blocked IMEI.
n2s is redefining the technology lifecycle with specialist expertise in the sustainability, security and compliance challenges associated with technology. We are the first technology lifecycle management provider with expertise in decarbonisation to truly empower SMEs and large enterprise businesses to deliver and report on their IT sustainability goals.
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