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NHS Goes Green: IT Made Sustainable with n2s Partnership

n2s helped an NHS Commissioning Support Unit (CSU) efficiently and sustainably manage legacy IT and the provision of emergency laptops during the COVID-19 pandemic.


IT assets processed


of collected assets resold

Zero to Landfill

supporting sustainability

Challenges & Solutions

Lockdown Restrictions

The NHS Trust had to react with speed and agility to provide IT resources to staff, patients and contractors during the initial lockdown phase – Covid restrictions, PPE, building access and site opening hours all contributed to challenges in planning and execution.

Supporting Circular

Over 50% of the assets collected were resold, recovering value for the NHS and contributing to the circular economy. The remaining items that were beyond economic repair were carefully recycled, with zero to landfill, returning much needed materials back to manufacturing streams.

Data Security & Compliance

Despite the restrictions in accessing sites, the NHS still had a responsibility to ensure sensitive patient data on discarded IT assets is securely destroyed and assets were tracked from end-to-end.

Secure Collection & Data Sanitisation

n2s provided secure collection and off-site data sanitisation of IT assets across a wide variety of sites, ensuring compliance with NHS security standards. This safeguarded sensitive patient data and mitigated any potential data breaches.

Scale & Variety of Sites

With numerous healthcare facilities, data centres and GP surgeries spread across the region, the NHS needed a reliable and agile partner capable of handling anything from small collections right through to large-scale site decommissioning that required on-site support.

Agility During the Pandemic

n2s played a crucial role in supplying high-quality, remanufactured IT equipment to the NHS North East London team. This ensured that frontline workers had the tools to sustain their critical work during the pandemic, whilst conventional supply chains were disrupted.



n2s’ agile approach, combined with its commitment to safety and governance showcased the potential of public and private sector collaborations to drive positive environmental and social change.

Data Security

Full data security and certifications were provided to protect patient and Trust data, ensuring compliance with GDPR and wider NHS security regulations.

Environmental Impact

As the NHS continues its journey towards its path to net zero, partnerships like this will play a crucial role in achieving this goal while also setting an example for other organisations to follow. Comprehensive environmental impact reports were delivered to NHS to prove their commitment to sustainability and responsible e-waste management.

Redefining the technology lifecycle

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