Success Story

n2s Spearheads Admiral Group’s Workplace Technology Overhaul

Admiral Group upgraded their entire technology infrastructure simultaneously to ensure total compatibility across its network. The project involved recovering and reusing a substantial number of technology assets while ensuring data security and sustainability.


IT assets collected


of assets reused

5,027 Tonnes

CO2 avoided

Challenges & Solutions

Complex Logistics

The project involved collecting and refreshing 16,853 assets across seven sites in the UK. These assets had the combined weight of 88.73 tonnes, equivalent to 7 double decker buses! Managing the logistics of secure and out-of-hours collections presented a significant challenge.

Logistics Expertise

n2s offered on-site services and secure out-of-hours collections. They efficiently managed the project across all seven locations to complete within a tight timeframe.

Data Security & GDPR Compliance

With sensitive information stored on the devices, ensuring data security and compliance with GDPR was of upmost importance.

Data Erasure & Governance

The serial number of every asset was recorded and validated during removal and upon arrival at n2s HQ for governance purposes. Certified data erasure software was applied to devices destined for reuse to comply with GDPR.

Environmental Impact

Disposing of e-waste can have a substantial environmental impact. Admiral aimed to minimise their carbon footprint by reusing assets wherever possible.

Asset Reuse & Sustainability

n2s prioritised asset reuse, minimising e-waste and supporting the circular economy. By reusing 97% of the collected assets, n2s helped avoid over 5,000 tonnes of CO2 and saved more than 10 million litres of water.


Efficient Timeframe

The entire workplace asset refresh project was completed within just two weeks, minimising destruction to the business.

Brand Safety & Compliance

By using certified data erasure software and maintaining meticulous records, n2s ensured that all sensitive data was erased, and the insurance company remained compliant with data protection laws.

Environmental Impact

The decision to reuse 97% of the assets resulted in substantial carbon avoidance, equivalent to taking 2,321 cars off the road annually, and a water saving equivalent to the daily drinking water needs of 63% of the London population.

Redefining the technology lifecycle

See how we can manage your end-of-life assets securely and sustainably

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Andrew Gomarsall

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