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Innovative Alliance: n2s Assists EE in Equipment Disposal and Site Clearance

Over the course of seven years, n2s have assisted EE in consolidating and disposing of duplicated services and hardware. On this project a significant amount of equipment had accumulated at one GXO site in Draycott creating a substantial backlog.



50 Lorries

full of technology


site-closure deadline

Challenges & Solutions

Equipment Accumulation

Following the merger of Orange and
T-Mobile there was a surplus of duplicated hardware that needed to be consolidated and disposed of efficiently.

4-Month Site Clearance

Over 4-months, approximately 50 lorry loads of technology, including empty cabinets, old aerials and antennas were removed from the site.

Site Closure

EE planned to close the Draycott site within four months. The timely and effective clearance of the remaining equipment required in-depth project management.

Elimination of Logistics Hub

By recycling equipment at n2s’ facility in Mansfield, the need for a separate logistics hub to store technology was eliminated. This resulted in substantial cost savings and a notable reduction in carbon emissions associated with transportation.

Sustainability Commitment

EE sought a solution that ensured all materials recovered during the clearance were handled with a commitment to sustainability.

Sustainability Practices

n2s have Zero to Landfill policy, responsibly recycling or repurposing all equipment to minimise environmental impact.


New Initiative for Legacy Orange Equipment

The success of the Draycott project inspired a new initiative, launched in April 2023, which focused on receiving and recycling legacy Orange equipment from other EE contractors.

Sustainability Best Practices

n2s’ expertise and dedication to sustainable practices and the circular economy have proven to be valuable assets in meeting EE’s equipment disposal needs effectively and responsibly.

Redefining the technology lifecycle

See how we can manage your end-of-life assets securely and sustainably

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Andrew Gomarsall

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