n2s appoints Simon Taylor as Chairman 

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Simon Taylor as Chairman. Simon brings a wealth of knowledge and a significant track-record in successfully launching and scaling businesses in the data centre and telecom industries.

Simon’s experience includes co-founding Interoute, a pan-European network infrastructure provider with Nick Razey in the 1990s, which was sold to a telecoms multinational for $2.3Bn in 2018; as well as Next Generation Data in 2008, which grew to become Europe’s largest data centre and was sold to a major data centre group for $800M in 2020. 

“n2s’s zero-waste approach to addressing the tech sector’s exponential e-waste challenges offers a truly world-class circular recycling solution to large consumers of business IT equipment. The significant market potential for the business is underlined by the tripling of sales turnover in the last three years and a growing blue chip client list.”  

Simon Taylor, Chairman, n2s

Our sister company, Bioscope Technologies, has announced the appointment of Nick as Chairman. Bioscope Technologies was launched two years ago to further develop and industrialise patented bioleaching bio-refining processes for the sustainable recovery of precious metals from IT equipment.

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Andrew Gomarsall speaking

Andrew Gomarsall

Executive Director

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