n2s Attends Microsoft Surface Workshop: Exploring Sustainability and Innovation 

On Wednesday 13th September n2s were delighted to spend time with key Microsoft Surface partners at the Microsoft Surface – Taking it to the edge event in Reading. Andy Gomarsall, Executive Director at n2s, led a series of workshops that helped the audience to understand how technology assets can be sustainably reused or recycled, when organisations are planning to refresh their laptop and desktop estates. 

We really enjoyed hearing from Microsoft and the partner community about the challenges customers face when they strive to do the right thing and extend the life of their devices. 

Andrew Gomarsall taking part in panel discussion

Sustainability was at the core of the workshop sessions, with a particular focus on Microsoft’s sustainability goals. Partners engaged in insightful discussions about compliance and reputation, particularly in the context of e-waste and recycling. Many were taken aback by the enormity of the recycling problem and the associated challenges. Sustainability is now at the forefront of many business strategies, and there is an increasing need for sustainability reporting to demonstrate accountability for these efforts. 

These conversations shed light on the pressing need for more sustainable practices within the tech industry. 

As technology continues to advance at pace and technology product life cycles shorten, it becomes imperative that we make strides toward circular economy for technology to support a more responsible future. 

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Andrew Gomarsall speaking

Andrew Gomarsall

Executive Director

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