n2s and KA2: FSTech Collaboration of the Year Winners

KA2 and n2s crowned FSTech 2023 Partnership or Collaboration of the Year for developing COzPro – a data-driven solution for organisations to comprehensively measure, model, review and reduce IT carbon footprint in real-time.

The combination of internal and external thought leadership and domain expertise enabled the development of this unique solution. On the global journey to reach carbon net zero, the app is a massive step towards a circular economy within the financial sector as it sets carbon reduction targets by visualising current and future carbon footprints. The dynamic data will enable organisations to drive decisions supporting IT hardware procurement, retention and disposal strategy.

“This prestigious award celebrates excellence and innovation within the UK and EMEA financial services. We are proud to have been recognised and honoured to have played an essential part in this project to create the innovative tool managing carbon emission reduction within the financial sector.”

“Working with such a specialist partner in KA2 allowed our data to become relevant in this quest for technology to decarbonise. Special thanks to Chriss Andrews, CEO, Jean-Marc Jefferson, Head of Sustainability and the rest of the KA2 team.

Andrew Gomarsall, n2s Executive Chairman

Regulators, including the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), want greater focus and transparency concerning environmental reporting on Greenhouse Gass Scope 3 emissions. These indirect emissions occur most prominently in the financial services value chain. Qualified data and insights are required to please regulators and support ongoing carbon reduction initiatives.

We will continue working with KA2 to add further functionality, dashboards, and reporting capabilities to provide financial services with the visibility needed to decarbonise their IT estate, operations and supply chain. The circular environmental solution will also be evolved to measure and manage the return journey for redundant IT.

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Andrew Gomarsall speaking

Andrew Gomarsall

Executive Director

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