Showcasing Circularity in Tech: BT Sustainability Festival 2023

As a BT partner, n2s had the pleasure of exhibiting at the BT Sustainability Festival this year, bringing together some of the best minds in technology and sustainability.

Attendees to the free event met our talented security-cleared engineers, sharing how we use bacteria to recover precious metals and how IT lifecycles can be managed better for a circular economy.

n2s stand at festival

Our event team of 13 had a great day conversing with customers and learning how BT’s ecosystem of partners is helping to build a sustainable future.

n2s Managing Director Steve Morris discussed the concept of a ‘circular economy’ and what it takes to make it a reality. The panel talk ‘Closing the Loop: Designing for a Circular Economy’ was well attended and received. Watch on demand.

steve on panel with three others

Full Tech Amnesty bins

Event attendees had the opportunity to unearth their old mobiles, laptops and tablets found loitering around their homes to participate in the tech amnesty and witness the impressive operation of ‘Shredasourus’, our mobile, equipment shredding truck. It was incredible to see all three tech amnesty bins full at the end of the day to be securely and sustainably disposed of.

We will soon share the carbon, water and resources collectively saved from tech recovery at the event. 

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Andrew Gomarsall speaking

Andrew Gomarsall

Executive Director

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