E-Waste & ESG: A Profitable Path to Sustainability [Webinar]

Turn your e-waste into a business advantage on E-Waste Day with insights from industry experts at BT, Lloyds Banking Group and Coventry University. 

Did you know that in 2023, an estimated 61.3 million tonnes of electronic waste (e-waste) will be discarded globally? Shockingly, only 17.4% of this waste will be properly collected, treated, and recycled*

Most discarded electronic devices end up in landfill, yet they contain valuable resources like gold, silver, copper, and Critical Raw Materials essential for our future electronics production. Subsequently the mining and extracting of new resources to meet the demand for electronics production not only depletes finite resources but also inflicts environmental damage. Incorrectly managing end-of-life or discarded IT assets (computers, laptops, mobiles etc) is not only damaging the environment, but can put your organisation’s data and reputation at risk.

During the webinar, industry experts from BT, Lloyds Banking Group, Coventry University, and n2s share their experiences and challenges they’ve faced with technology management, and provide insight into:

    • Why e-waste matters, and why it should be a priority for your organisation.
    • How you can extract economic and environmental value of from e-waste.
    • The upcoming mandatory Scope3 reporting how it will affect you

Watch on-demand our E-Waste & ESG: A Profitable Path to Sustainability webinar and learn how to turn e-waste into a business advantage.


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Andrew Gomarsall speaking

Andrew Gomarsall

Executive Director

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