Paving IT circularity: n2s recover over 260 tonnes of copper from technology equipment in 2023

n2s recovery statistics 31 Jan-31 Oct 2023

The copper market is growing due to rising prevalence of electronic devices influenced by trends in urbanisation, industrialisation, and global economic growth. Due to its conductive properties, it is core in the build of many electrical components from electric vehicles and smart phones to solar wind farms.

We are working with companies across the UK to revolutionise the disposal of their end-of-life tech, increase circularity and improve the current 40% recycling rate of copper components in legacy equipment. This is essential to meet growing copper demand.


This year we have made incredible progress…

Between 31 January and 31 October 2023, we recovered: 

    • 1,750 tonnes of IT equipment and extended the life of 70 tonnes

    • 570 tonnes of copper cable

    • 315 tonnes of circuit boards


The recovery of this equipment has saved a total of 260 tonnes of copper. The metal will re-enter the supply chain and be used to make new products.

Through mining, it would take 20,640 tonnes of copper ore to gain the same amount of metal we recovered, avoiding 867 tonnes of CO2e.

Thanks to our customers and partners who have chosen to work with us this year. Together, we’re creating a circular future for IT. 

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Andrew Gomarsall speaking

Andrew Gomarsall

Executive Director

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